Tuesday, March 8, 2011

How to earn 50 dollar per day as freelancer

This is a blog which can help you to online job.

How to earn 50 dollar per day as freelancer

                     Earn money online is the highest querying keyword which is search by the internet users in all the search engine all around the internet,People are searching for online jobs every day,but most of them are failed in finding the genuine way or website for do the online jobs,this is because of the scammers around the internet,In this blog i am here in help for the people for finding genuine online jobs,i  start searching for finding a real job in internet 3 years before,but the result in the first few months was not good for me.but i continue my searching and reach my goal after a big crisis.in this blog i am giving the job seekers the right way for working and earning as a freelancer in the different website which really pays,according to the internet survey in the year 2010 60% of the internet users are looking for online jobs.

                             Before looking for the jobs online we first go for a assessment of our self,that is what is the talent in you or what you can do as a online worker, OK, you have some talents in some areas such as article writing,but the next problem is find who need a worker,this is the big risky job,why???     because if you find a person who needs your work while browsing through the internet,he will ask you for complete the work in time as he wish you have done it well and send the work,next is the very difficult this,that is getting paid from him,if he scam you and never paid means what is the value of your work, of course big '0'.

                             I have said earlier it self that i am here in help of the people who needs to work in internet and get paid without failure,I have personal experience with most of the freelance website which have been paid me several times.here in this blog i am including some lists and reviews of the freelance which you can join and get paid.through this websites you can search for the works which you can do,there are lakhs of works available for doing online per day in internet,so dont get upset,go for the jobs.

freelancer.com:   freelancer.com is the great place for those who can do freelance works,there are thousands of works available for the members of this sites,search for the work which you can do and if you are interested with the work go to the work page and bid for the project to get.if your bid is accepted by the work provider you will get the work,and you will get paid without any delay,i have personal experience with this site and they really pays me.

guru.com:  this website is  clear and professional among the freelance website which have large amount of projects,projects can be bid by the worker and after doing the work they will get paid without failure.

odesk.com:  odesk is little bit different than other sites listed here,here in this site instead of bidding on the project bid on the hours,employers can amount of hours per week.

craigslist.com: when considering the reputation of  online freelancing sites craigslist is one among the first level sites,craigslist is popular because there is no barriers for the employer or pottential freelancer.

rentacoder.com:  rentacoder  is the site for those who are looking for small and mid level projects,it also offer rating system which will help you to get more works according to your rating done by the employers.

Fiverr.com: This is the site which i personally recommend you to join if you are looking for extra cash which will help you to overcome dept crisis,this site is upper position in alexa ranking also,you can gig your works which you can do in your members area,if you work well you can earn 50 dollars from this site alone per day.

The tip for get success as freelancer is give  a good profile and be active and do the works in time.. happy earnings.......................................

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