Sunday, February 13, 2011


               In painting balance is kept through forms and colours. In a balanced design our eyes should be able to move with ease all over the design. If some portion of the design is either weak or is left vacant the balance of the design is likely to be upset. The balance can be achieved with the help of lines, shapes, light and shade, colour and texture. Lack of balance fails to attract attention, and there is always a feeling that something is missing in the design. Balance is maintained in two ways, formal and informal.

(i)    Formal Balance
When the components are equally distributed on both the side of a design , it is said to be formal balance.

(ii)   Informal Balance
When the components are not equally distributed on both the sides of a design and the balance is achieved by adjusting the shape, size,
Colour or tone etc., then it is called informal balance.

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