Sunday, February 13, 2011


        What is a perspective?you must have a good knowledge of it to make a nice painting.
           Perspective is used in drawing and painting to help and create a sense of depth and space. Perspective is the art of representing solid objects on a flat surface as they are seen to be the eye : in other words, it is the way to make solid objects ‘look right.’
            Now there is a wide difference between what you know in your mind about a thing and how your eyes see that thing. For example, suppose you are contemplating the view of a street which has a row of identical houses on either side. The houses at the far and appear to the eye smaller than those near to you. How small they appear to be in the picture depends on the length of the street, the longer the street, the smaller as farther and farther he goes.
              Perspective is also useful in showing the third dimension of an object.

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