Sunday, February 13, 2011


            To create harmony all the elements of painting like colour, tone form and texture should produce an impression of unity in a painting.

              An attractive painting can be made only when the various elements of painting are balanced. The elements should lay stress on ther painter’s vision and the central purpose of painting. The forms or objects in painting should not be equal. The objects kept at a distance should appear small and their colours should be light or diffused. This would give the painting a proper perspective and harmony.

              Texutral harmony also plays a vital role in painting. The roughness or smoothness of the surface of material can be felt with one’s fingers. But in visual matters it depends upon the artist’s skill how he creates the impression of right texture harmonising with the painting.

                Colours also create harmony in a painting. Hot and cold colours should be used in a balanced manner. If 80% hot colours are used in a painting, it can cause rise in the blood pressure of the viewer. Similarly, if 80% cold colours are used in a painting, it can cause a fall in the blood pressure of the  viewer.  Therefore a proper balance or harmony should be maintained between hot and cold colours. Colour should not be bright all over the painting, but diffused or dull at some places to give the

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