Sunday, February 13, 2011


                It is very important that you must have a good knowledge of  shape and form for making your painting beautiful. As i told you in other art related blogs of mine that all the related elements will only make your paintings thoughtful,creative and ,never forget to use this elements whenever you make a creation.

                 It is the shape or volume of a thing which reveals its structure. The circle is a shape whereas a ball is a form. Form is defined by outline and colour.

                 There are two types of forms-free form and geometric form. An apple, ear and nose are examples of free forms. Triangle, square and rectangle are geometric forms. In nature all forms are geometric.
            So,whenever you make any of sketches,drawing or paintings you have to use your ability in free forms or geometric forms to create any of the shapes to express your inner feelings to the paper or canvases.

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