Sunday, February 13, 2011


               No doubt art has no boundaries in expression. In order to be able to appreciate or to create a work of art, one must get oneself acquainted with the principles of art its basic elements, which make a painting appealing and correct.
               A picture is created with the help of line, light and shade, shape, colour, rhythm, perspective, balance, proportion and picture composition, etc. The main elements of art are enumerated below :

             1.        Lines
             2.        Texture
             3.        Rhythm
             4.        Perspective
             5.        Balance
             6.        Proportion
             7.        Harmony
             8.        Space and Form

      With the help of these elements one can be able to make a painting as he wishes. Practicing more and more on it he/she will be perfect in art field . It will encourage to make his/her expression through its medium to the audiences.

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